Pro Maxi All Gloss (32oz)

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Protective Polymer Sealer & Wax Replacement


  • Premium engineered nano polymer wax replacement product, will not melt, streak or yellow like traditional waxes
  • Provides ultimate paint and gelcoat protection from the degenerative effects of acid rain, UV light, hard water, salt, and other environmental contaminants
  • Quick & easy, designed specifically for hand application
  • Formulated to produce an ultra slick surface resulting in reduced drag and beading water without affecting slip resistance
  • Provides ultra high gloss and long lasting surface protection
  • Makes maintenance washing easier, including removal of diesel soot and other contaminants
  • Non-solvent based and safe to store onboard
  • Removes mild stains & water spots

Application and Coverage: 450 sq ft per 16 oz. Wash and dry surface with Ocean Armor Pro Maxi Boat Soap or equivalent. If surface is clean and free of oxidation or other contaminants proceed. Otherwise, prior to application first restore surface with Ocean Armor Finishing Compound or equivalent. Keep from freezing and store upright.



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